Top 10 Greatest Lawyers Of All Time

7. Mary Jo White
Mary Jo White Lawyer

Mary Jo White is a fearless lawyer who even the most powerful of criminals do not want to face. She is known for having overseen the successful prosecution of John Gotti as well as the terrorists involved in the 1983 World Trade Centre bombing. She currently serves as Chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. After President Bill Clinton’s last day pardons, Attorney General John Ashcroft appointed Mary Jo to investigate Marc Rich’s very controversial pardon. Mary Jo White ranks as one of the top 10 greatest lawyers of all time.

6. F. Lee Bailey

F. Lee Bailey Greatest Lawyer

F. Lee Bailey was a criminal defense attorney who took part in several high-profile cases. He rose to prominence in the re-trial of convicted murderer Dr. Sam Sheppard in which Sheppard was acquitted. He later represented “Boston Strangler” Albert DiSalvo. He is also remembered for his role in the murder trial of O.J. Simpson whose not-guilty verdict stunned the world. Bailey also had his share of controversies. It is believed that he was in fact drunk during his closing arguments in his defense of Patti Hearst. Bailey’s reputation took an irreparable hit when he was disbarred in Florida and Massachusetts in 2001 and 2003 respectively due to his mishandling of stocks in a previous case. He was denied reinstatement in 2012.

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